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Back Link Plan

Back link are High on the list for your rankings to achieve page one and two of the search engines. We offer real estate back links only with domain authority of 45 and higher. All of our back links, come from the real estate industry only.
Pricing starting as low as $200.00 month.

SEO Plans

Real estate SEO plans are complete packages that will propel your website and your brand name to the top of the search engines. These are complete packages with everything included so you the client do not have to do any more work on your website.
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Social Media Plans

This is a must-have to get your name out there with brand recognition. Social media is geared towards your brand more than it is the product that you're selling. We offer 36 different platforms to get your brand name recognized.
Prices starting at $150.00 a month

Maintenance Plans

These plans enable you to know what is going on with your website and to be able to see the progress that you're making. Maintenance plans keep up with your site health, day-to-day algorithm changes, broken links, and changes to your website that require experienced help. We also offer advanced maintenance plans that keep up with the optimization of your keywords. Also many sites today are suffering from a Google penalty and we can remove those as well.
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Prices starting at $300.00 a month.

Search Engine Submission Services

With these plans we submit to all your relevant pages to 990 search engines and FFA sites. (We do not submit to Google) Google does its own submission and this is not required by you. This plan is very useful in the real estate business because it gets your listings on other search engines that it would not normally. This also gives you a link going back to your site from the existing search engine. Get your website listed on the top search engines in the USA and other country’s of interest. Pricing starting at $200.00 a month and we have yearly plans at a discount.
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More Real Estate Services

These are starting Prices-Call for Direct quote
SEO Monthly Reports-75.00
Articles by Professional Writers-$50.00
Optimize Your Websites for your Keyword Terms-$50.00
Collect the best Keywords for Your Business-$50.00
Create Social Media Buzz for your Brand
PPC Campaigns-Call for Pricing
Website Health Check-$200.00
Link Analysis Report-$35.00
Video Creation-$75.00

Real Estate Potfolio

Real Estate Websites Custom and Templates
Chris and his team have provided me with years of awesome service,keep up the great work.

Tom from Panama City Beach,Fl.

I want to thank Chris and his company for there awesome work and all the help they gave me. I would not have made my project work without them. I will be getting in touch soon for my next project. Keep up the good work guys!! 5-19-2015

Toni from Miami,Fl

All I can say is that these guys are awesome and if you get a chance to use them, you want go wrong. This guys back up everything they say and provide excellent support for there products

Dillon from Columbia,S.C.

Thank you Chris for your awesome support and the work you gave me. Your support response is always fast and dead on for identifying problems. Keep up the good work.

Andrea from Atlanta, Ga.

"I started working with Chris company after spending a lot of money on new designs, SEO services, Facebook Ads, and AdWords.Testimonial Content

Barbara from Mobile, Al

    More from Barbara; When I was told the best thing to do was AdWords, I knew I had to find someone willing to think outside of the box and do what he/she says they will do. I found that person in Chris, I have a plan which includes retiring and working on a referral basis only, but if all my websites, Facebook Ads, and AdWords did not bring in business while I am working hard at it, how could that work for retirement? Chris did a complete analysis of my website and found many things that prevented my website from working like it should. He had to completely tear it down and start over from scratch. He has asked my opinion at every step of the way so it was my website, not his. Some of my ideas did not pan out and had to be discarded but he was able to break it down, so I understood why it did not work and where to go next. I knew we were on the right track when one month into the process I received a phone call from a buyer in Florida about a subdivision that I had never considered marketing and when I asked him how he found me, he said he Googled the subdivision and found me. After a couple of offers that did not work out because we knew the property would not appraise and the agent said they wanted that price to bring the values up in the subdivision, we moved on to another property. Long story short the next property did work and it worked out in spite of a low appraisal, that had to be renegotiated. I highly recommend Chris, he is a hard worker and as long as the Realtor gets the information he needs on a timely basis, he can do a great job for you." 5-28-2016 Barbara Reeves

About Us

Real Estate Services and Real Estate Website Builders

Welcome to our website. I started in 1993 as a real estate investor and like many went down in the crash in 2008. Rebuilding was tough, I was doing many different jobs at the same time to make ends meet at that time. Building websites and SEO services being hobbies of mine were now full time work.
OUR SEO Knowledge
I learned SEO over the years from trial and error starting back in the early 90's it was very different compared to today. I started out reading all the info I could get my hands on and after many months of total failure I started at the bottom with one technique and built from there. After years of trials and many errors I came to the assumption that 95% of info online about SEO was just a lie. Now if you did the opposite or close to it, that usually worked. So everything I use has been tested many times and it works every time. Now today with Google changing things daily it keeps us very busy testing new solutions for today's' SEO. Today we collect lots of data and analysis daily to guide us in the direction of Google supremacy.
Here in 2016 I’m servicing real estate clients in a different prospective. It’s funny how things come full circle. But here we are once again. With my real estate experience this gives me the ability to know what my clients are needing from me and to provide it for them.
You will see that we advertise our self a little differently than our competitors. After all we are different than our competitors. We offer a better product and a better price that we stand by. We are a no B#%*S*%# company and we only offer what we have proved to be accurate and will work time after time.
Our business is located in Longs, SC, right outside of N. Myrtle Beach, S.C.
This is our 2nd year in business dealing primarily with real estate websites.
We have been working on websites and offering SEO services for over 10 years and counting.
Before we were offering SEO services for all websites but found we preferred to specialize in one industry. The reason we moved to the real estate industry. We only work on Real Estate Websites in the United States.
Thanks for reading this.

Business Info

  •  1-843-808-2226
  •  P.O.Box 633,Longs,SC 29568
  •  Hours of Operation
    9 a.m.- 6 p.m.


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