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About Us

Hello,welcome to our website. I started in 1993 as a real estate investor and like  many went down in the crash in 2008. Rebuilding was tough,I was doing many different jobs at the same time to make ends meet at that time. Building websites and SEO services being hobbies of mine were now full time work.Here in 2015-2016 I’m servicing real estate clients in a different prospective.It’s funny how things come full circle. But here we are once again. With my real estate experience this gives me the ability to know what my clients are needing from me and to provide it for them.You will see that we advertise our self a little differently than our competitors. After all we are different than our competitors. We offer a better product a better price and stand by it.Our business is located in Longs,SC,right outside of N.Myrtle Beach,S.C. This is our 2nd year in business dealing primarily with real estate websites. Before we were doing SEO for all websites but found that was not very lucrative in this area. The reason we moved to real estate industry.We only work on Real Estate Websites in the United States.

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